[MV Review] Mine

The cynicism spreads with Kim Jaejoong‘s “Mine”

Last week I discussed TVXQ‘s Humanoids, this week we have JYJ member Jaejoong. For those unfamiliar with the mega-saga that is and was TVXQ it used to be the members of TVXQ and JYJ before JYJ left SM Entertainment. As you have read about this song you may have seen many references to this, and many people interpret this song as referencing the struggles of JYJ. But, let us look at the cynicism of this Kpop.

First off, is this really Kpop? Or is Kpop really anything discrete or just whatever the industry produces? I think the opening stanza gives us a fairly cynical point of view:

You are terrible
It’s like you are diseased
Poison that runs wild in the screams
Poison that I am already used to

If you did not read that with biting cynicism I don’t know what you read it as. Now here is the issue: if this is about SM entertainment then its quite cynical because it is then an inherently rebellious and status-quo challenging song. But if it isn’t, which we may need to assume without any overt references, it is more of a personal moody tune. Is this rebellion or young-adult existential angst?

Why does it scream so loudly (okay)
I will wake up from the dream why is it so futile?
Don’t come here This is my ocean
I am too busy fighting things that I could not have imagined
It is my ocean This is ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me

There is a clear theme of individluism (Don’t come here This is my ocean) that is repeated throughout the song. Also some moment that pop up in this stanza: struggle and resentment against some unnamed institutional or societal framework (I am too busy fighting things that I could not have imagined) and an imperative to push against those who would prevent the flowering of his individualism (Don’t come hereDon’t try to block the sun that shines on me). This cease and desist is furthered:

Why does it make so much noise (okay)
I will say it out loud so it resonates
Don’t come here this is my ocean
I am afraid that this place will be tainted as well
It is my ocean This is my ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me

This is my ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me

The pleasure stanza seems out of place–is he likening society or the music industry to a kind of opiate, or is expressing his sexuality in another form of rebellion?

Sweet pleasure is so sweet
that it devours me up in whole

No matter what, we often see in Kpop our artists begging someone to stop–but its usually toying with their heart and leaving them for that other person or never returning their love or making them cry or stealing their hearts or…. Many things involving young love. But this song is certainly not about love or an individual, but a person versus society, versus a societal structure. When in groups desires and identities often blend together in the words and images (5 people will date or woo the same person in a video, quite a literally melding of identities) this is about the individual and their isolation. With rock, dark imagery, and cryptic yet tantalizing scandalous lyrics, this is certainly cynical Kpop.


One thought on “[MV Review] Mine

  1. lol… ‘leave a Cynical Response’ (Y) anyway.. i think its rather a blend of jpop and kpop. jpop bands in GENERAL are more of a rock kind giving off a dark beat or a really energetic and pulsing beat. the lyrics are mostly always rock and beautiful. I agree with you in saying that this is individualism and him fighting against society.it was exactly wat i thought when i first watched it. it was utterly beautiful.

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