“GS is not a critique, just FUN” – Psy crashes Reddit

Today Psy did an AMA on Reddit. If you do not understand what that means, well the best I can do is this Wikipedia explanation. Check out the AMA here, there are 3 things I found interesting.

1. Psy cited Freddie Mercury as his Inspiration. FABULOUS. One of my favorite artists of all time. I think Psy has a similar energy to dear old Freddie.

2. People haven’t learned anything. People really do not know the most basic things about Psy or this song. It would just take a few keystrokes and clicks to learn but Psy has to answer some basic questions.

3. Psy refuting that Gangnam Style is social critique. Interesting. The comment below by scott1990 sums up how unsatisfying, puzzling, and perhaps incredulous that statement is. Why would Psy say such bullshit?

Well let’s just watch some Freddie Mercury.


3 thoughts on ““GS is not a critique, just FUN” – Psy crashes Reddit

  1. I was excited when I heard PSY was going to do an AMA on Reddit! So glad you were able to find it. I am alos perplexed as to why he claims to not be poking fun at Gangnam. Hmmm…

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