Berkeley has Gangnam Fever

Berkeley seems to have caught Gangnam Fever after there was a not- so-spontaneous outbreak today of Gangnam Fever on Sproul Plaza, the main entrance of the University of California Berkeley campus. My Facebook, along with those of many other Cal students, flooded with videos, photos, and status updates not only about the event, but the planning up to it as people lamented forgetting to show up or the time they spent practicing.

What I noticed was the fun and lively nature of the event, but sadly also that the meaning and intent was lost on everyone involved. The Mario theme was quirky and eccentric like Psy in the video, but it was just another of many parodies that doesn’t seem to catch the true social critique of the song. Touted as the most eminent public university on the, well, planet, it is disappointing that the discerning Cal students couldn’t have made some constructive comment.

Of course it is a fun song and dance, and as Resident Assistant I was glad to see so many people, including first years and residents, blow off some steam and stress in these academically rigorous times! It was fun and sometimes that’s all you need, Also it showed just how hard that dance is, since few of them could do it!

Signing off, here is Berkeley’s first Gangnam Style parody by the Korean Networking Association of Berkeley or KUNA, I like this version a lot for its use of Korean and unique lyrics.


One thought on “Berkeley has Gangnam Fever

  1. Hahaa I was there to watch it, and the guy in the mushroom hat is actually one of my friends. My friends and I were tempted to join but chickened out last minute 😦

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