Korean Artist asks Korea to Get Its Cray’ On (Cynically)

Two weeks ago Korean pop star G-Dragon (one of five of the mega Korean pop group Big Bang) released a new video which pokes fun at the stern attitude of Korean society. Watch below as GD lets loose in a colorful extravaganza.

GD makes a number of super-subtle jabs at Korean society. GD challenges gender stereotypes, wearing his Wonder Woman robe (which is fabulous) and then cross dressing. He asks “Why so serious?” as he reveals the sexy lady on the screen is in fact him in drag (although later he revealed the behind shot was an actual woman because he didn’t look to good in a dress).

GD dances with prim and reserved ballerinas, flaling his limbs while wearing a kids duckie pool ring, possibly a criticism to the uptight, traditionally oriented nature of society.  He calls on all the boys and girls to “Get your Cray’ on”, a clever play on the whimsical, imaginative artistic tool of children and the more mature US slang  term for going crazy.

He even starts off the video in a therapy session, playing psychologist and patient–mental health overall is a controversial issue in East Asia and many parts of the world, let alone Korea. Yet, he asks people to go crazy, embrace this wacky, alternative side of themselves. Most of all, he asks in refrain over and over, Why so serious?  Filled with energy, wackiness and fun, this video still lets slip some cynical societal critique.


2 thoughts on “Korean Artist asks Korea to Get Its Cray’ On (Cynically)

  1. Cool. I never paid attention to the thought of being actually able to find meaning kpop music videos. You have changed my mind.


  2. I was always a bit reluctant to listen to kpop..then in highschool this one girl was listening to big bang. Of course I changed my mind!

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