Gangnam Style: How it was Then and Now

If you discuss Kpop and Korean pop culture, then you must discuss the Gangnam district of Seoul  or 강남구. In many dramas and music video’s Gangnam is the backdrop, or characters dream of living in one of its painfully expensive apartments. This is also where many young actors, actresses, and singers live. The area is known for its wealth and young money, either from stardom or trust funds. The site koreaBANG recently posted an incredible series of photos depicting the development of Gangnam. South Korea is well-known for having the most rapid development of economy in history, occurring in just about four decades, across essentially just one or two generations. Many Koreans lived through the total destruction of the Korean War to the high tech development of Seoul in the Late 1980’s).

The video below is a tour through Gangnam-gu (literally the district South of the River). As criticized by Psy in “Gangnam Style” this is where a number of Koreans dream to live, shop and eat.


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