Gangnam Style: No One Seems To Get It

At least E! News doesn’t seem to. It declared the viral video dead a few days ago, a decent argument, but then exposed fundamental issues swirling around this viral phenomena. Boone puts Gangnam through the stages of viral video life, discussing all the everyman and Hollywood spoofs of Gangnam. Yet he never gets into any gritty detail about what made Gangnam great. He mentions the dance, but he then signs off comparing “Gangnam Style” to “Friday” and Charlie bit my finger!.

The subtle critique/attack on the Korean pop music industry, Korean Consumerism, and the Korean Dream are lost not just on Boone but many people. Partly because people seem to be too uninterested to learn about the song they complain they can’t understand.

“It was everything that a music video should be.” writes Boone. This is the essential question we are chasing after; what was it about this video that made it unresistable, that made people unfamiliar with Korea and certainly K-pop, love it. And then. absorb it into there cultural lexicon and push it beyond the bounds of just the internet.


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