It all started with a man and his silly dance. You may have seen Gangnam Style already ( if you have not I am impressed). Surely then you have seen some odd behaviors coming up across media that probably confused you until perhaps now after watching. The silly dance. The silly actors. The silly sets. A big ball of fun, as Psy claims, certainly. But, maybe it wasn’t so silly. Take some time and watch my explanation of Gangnam’s elusive secrets to those unfamiliar with Korea and Korean popular culture.http://embed.verite.co/timeline/?source=0AuZknh_cBA3BdENZTEE2dTc0ZVhOS0twMXEzam9kT1E&font=Bevan-PotanoSans&maptype=toner&lang=en&height=650

This site is attempting to dig up the cynical side of Kpop. The cheery, pleasant, inviting world of Kpop has some elusive facets, and for those who are drawn to Gangnam Style, or those familiar to Kpop but seeking more depth, this site attempts to expand upon those interests. Please explore the Blog, the explanations of Kpop, and the Glossary and Resources for a new and informed view of Kpop.